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B&R Automation사 홈페이지 및 Automation Studio 특징

At B&R, we provide complete solutions for the automation industry. We excel in this area because our product range includes everything needed for machine and system automation. A decisive factor here is that all of the products work together seamlessly.

Automation Studio, the powerful tool used to program and configure all of our products, is the central hub for engineering.

This perfect coordination brings unprecedented increases in performance and quality, giving our customers a substantial competitive edge.

The smart ship – Integrated, open, safe and secure

APROL – Your flexible platform for smart ship process control

Smart ship technology is the key to boosting your vessel's safety, security and efficiency while simultaneously lowering operating costs. The machinery and equipment on a smart ship is fully automated and coordinated by a distributed shipboard monitoring and control system. This ship-wide system can be operated either locally on the vessel, or remotely from the fleet management center on land.

​Key Products 

Product groups
Industrial PCs
Visualization and operation
Control systems
I/O systems
Safety technology
Motion control
Networks and fieldbus modules
공정 제어 시스템
Power supplies



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  • 이메일: eshong [at]

  • 대표전화: 02-782-8661

  • 휴대전화: 010-5218-8661

  • 서울: 서울특별시 서초구 서초대로 34길 31 (방배동) 피스콜빌딩 3층 (우) 06661

  • 창원: 경남 창원시 창원대로 18번길 46 경남창원과학기술진흥원 11층 1112 (우)51359

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