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​No Magic사 홈페이지 및 CAMEO Systems Modeler 특징

Cameo Systems Modeler ™ is an industry leading cross-platform collaborative Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) environment, which provides smart, robust, and intuitive tools to define, track, and visualize all aspects of systems in the most standard-compliant SysML models and diagrams. The environment enables systems engineers to:

  • Run engineering analysis for design decisions evaluation and requirements verification

  • Continuously check model consistency

  • Track design progress with metrics

System models can be managed in remote repositories, stored as standard XMI files, or published to documents, images, and web views to address different stakeholder concerns.

​Key Products 

Cameo Simulation Toolkit provides the first in the industry extendible model execution framework based on OMG fUML and W3C SCXML standards. It extends Cameo Systems Modeler to validate system behavior by executing, animating, and debugging SysML State machine, Activity, and Parametric models in the context of realistic mock-ups of the intended user interface. 


Cameo Systems Modeler

Cameo Enterprise Architecture

Cameo Business Modeler

Cameo Collaborator

Teamwork Cloud

Teamwork Server

Cameo dataHub

Cameo Inter-Op

Cameo Workbench

Cameo Risk Manager

Cameo E2E Builder

Cameo E2E Bridge

Cameo E2E Commerce



문의해주셔서 감사합니다!

  • 이메일: eshong [at]

  • 대표전화: 02-782-8661

  • 휴대전화: 010-5218-8661

  • 서울: 서울특별시 서초구 서초대로 34길 31 (방배동) 피스콜빌딩 3층 (우) 06661

  • 창원: 경남 창원시 창원대로 18번길 46 경남창원과학기술진흥원 11층 1112 (우)51359

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