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CM Labs사 홈페이지 및 Vortex Studio 특징

CM Labs Simulations Inc., a global provider of immersive simulation solutions for training and virtual prototyping, revealed today Vortex Studio Essentials, a free and open license edition of its Vortex Studio platform. Vortex Studio Essentials provides a complete unified simulation and visualisation environment for simulation-based training development, virtual prototyping and academic research. It includes access to Vortex Studio’s core simulation and visualisation engine, user-friendly desktop applications and comprehensive SDK. Vortex Studio is designed to help simulation engineers quickly create training and prototyping applications for equipment operations on land and at sea. It goes beyond the limits of game-engines to provide a professional-grade, integrated and distributed simulation platform.

Vortex Studio is the solution of choice for training simulation integrators developing ground vehicle and maritime training solutions for defense and commercial industries. Leading companies such as Thales, BAE Systems and ST Electronics use Vortex to deploy advanced training systems. Vortex Studio is widely used by the world’s top OEMs such as Liebherr, Volvo and John Deere to build virtual prototypes of off-highway equipment for human-in-the-loop as well as control and automation systems testing.

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  • 대표전화: 02-782-8661

  • 휴대전화: 010-5218-8661

  • 서울: 서울특별시 서초구 서초대로 34길 31 (방배동) 피스콜빌딩 3층 (우) 06661

  • 창원: 경남 창원시 창원대로 18번길 46 경남창원과학기술진흥원 11층 1112 (우)51359

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