The 1st US-Japan Workshop on Collaborative Global Research on Applying Information Technology June

Workshop Objective

This workshop will bring together researchers from around the world to discuss experiences, challenges, and opportunities in transnational and international collaborative research on information technology (IT) and IT-supported applications, with focus on active collaborations between the United States (U.S.) and Japan. The workshop will provide opportunities for participants to interact directly and promote collaborative research activities. The collaboration is expected to achieve scientific knowledge that would be difficult to obtain individually.

Workshop attendance will be by invitation only, following response to this call as outlined below. Prospective attendees are expected to be investigators on funded research projects, and should submit papers or whitepaper for consideration by the program committee. Workshop organizers are requesting funding from NSF and JST to support partially the travel costs and registration fees of invited attendees from the U.S. and Japan. Principal Investigators of projects in relevant NSF and JST programs are strongly encouraged to apply. Additionally, early career researchers and underrepresented minorities are encouraged to apply.

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